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this "money"
is burnt for the god and deities...

there are different different categoryh of 'money' ...
some are only for ancestors...

some for gods and deities...


Love how that fire is dancing in the photo! (sorry i've been away)


To Ivan: Nice you dropped by to add some comments & correct me. I am not Chinese and as such I had to do some research on the Internet.

I accept without any doubt that this is not the term used by the Chinese-Filipino's in the Philippines.

So why the term "Hell's money".
I checked it on different websites and "Hell" money seems to be an accepted term.
The word Hell was introduced to China by Christian missionaries who claimed that non-converted Chinese folks were all "going to Hell" when they died -- and the Chinese, thinking "Hell" was the proper English term for the afterlife, adopted the word. Thus, Hell Bank Notes are simply Afterlife Monetary Offerings or Spirit Money.

When people die, their spirits or ghosts go to an afterlife where they continue to live on, doing the same sort of things they did while alive, eating, drinking, wearing clothes, playing with their children, and so forth. In order to ensure that they have lots of good things in the afterlife, their relatives send them presents, and one of the best things to send them is Hell Bank Notes -- money to spend in the afterworld.

Ivan the Streetwalker


Im not sure but as a local Chinese, we never called those paper 'hell' money rather we say 'kim tsua' or 'Gold paper'. I guess they can be called 'hell money' if offered to the dead but come to think of it, why offer money to Hell??? Theyre actually offered to the ancestors and gods.


Amazingly colourful these shots.
Practically an overdose.


remind me when i was kid i love to do that...lot of fun coz u have a chance to burn things :-P btw nice colorful shot:-)


It definitely has the feel of China. Wow, looks like there are many decorations and New Year's stuff for sale. Is the Chinatown very large?


LOL @ some of the comments here.
Interesting stuff as usual, and I love all the bright colors in these shots!
Have a great day, Sidney!


Love the fire shot, the patterns are so fascinating.


nice colorful pics... reds are the most vivid...


That bottom shot is just fabulous! It's so busy!


hell money? lovely colors in each photo!


wow, amazing exposure on the fire!


There's no law banning the burnign of hell money? ;)

Chris Vallancourt

I'll be sure to put that in my will: "burn all my money and assets for use in the afterlife."

Seeing Anew

Afterlife money -- what a neat concept! Now THAT's what I call a pension!


I need money when I get to Hell! Yes!

Kiss My Mike

I loved the effects on the fire picture!


I LOVE that building!!


I always feel like I have had a break and an education on visiting your site. And the level of photography is so constantly good.


wow love that top one, such amazing color

Anna Lyn

:) Well, well, I hope that I would not need money in the after life --- too complicated!!!
I got hypnotized by the second picture.


wow - amazing story! great images too sidney :)


Well Sydney this is my first visit here, I can tell right away that I'll learn a lot from you. The photos that I've seen so far are very good.


Great shots. I like the idea as well. I also like the idea of having money to burn :)

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